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We create products with our customers, not just for them.
Hire us to help you design, build and grow your products.

Based in Oslo, Norway

Helping millions of visitors make the most of their time at Dyreparken

We’re working with Dyreparken, one of Norway’s biggest attractions, to refine their mobile strategy and design a new experience for their visitors.

Creating the future of convenience in a changing market with Circle K

We’re helping Circle K conceptualize, design and test products for the future of their convenience business.

Delivering a new experience for people on the road with Byway

We won MøllerGruppen’s Connected Car Competition with Byway, a product that takes users through a curated journey while on the road.

As your product team, we live and breathe your business and customer problems.

Unpack and understand

We start by making sure all project stakeholders are on the same page. We get questions and understanding from around the organization out into the open and supplement with market research and competitive analysis.

Develop concepts

We map your customers’ and business's needs, technology and behavioral trends, and more to product concepts. We make sure product concepts are actionable and attainable for you in the short-to-medium term.

Create and test

We employ design sprints, user testing and rapid prototyping to maximize learning. We either converge on a product that works or we pivot. What we care about most is creating the right product, so we’re always candid.

Build and launch

We work with partners to build and launch. Whether it’s a new product or an improvement to an existing one, we’ll help you get it to market.

The quickest way from problem to product.

Viral Shah

Before co-founding Brite, Viral spent seven years making products at Microsoft, leading teams in Seattle and Oslo. A mechanical engineer by education, he learned product management and design on-the-job. He loves learning about new problem spaces and creating impactful solutions.

Martin Jensen

Martin has been making digital products since the age of sixteen, both as a developer and designer. His most recent gigs before co-founding Brite were at Bakken and Bæck and Microsoft. He gets energy from making well crafted products and solving major user problems. 930 25 650
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